the company

wrightgardens is a small company based in South London providing a full design, construction and maintenance service to private gardens throughout London and the South East of England as well as properties in France.

Louise Wright, the designer and company owner has gardened all her life, learning at an early age from her ‘Gromp’ on crawls and wallks in the garden and countryside of Suffolk and Kew Gardens.

After her BA Hons degree she has completed a two year Garden Design course at Capel Manor Horticultural College.

She set up her garden design business in September 2002 and takes complete personal control of all projects undertaken by the company ensuring the client gets an individual service and peace of mind throughout.

what we offer

wrightgardens offers a comprehensive service for your garden.

Whether you have a garden which needs some updating or a bare patch of lawn in need of a total overhaul wrightgardens can provide the solutions to give you your dream.

site survey
Price on size of garden
Small £50
Medium/large £75

The survey provides us with a flat plan of the existing garden; the structure, dimensions, capabilities and restrictions of the site. This process involves taking measurements, levels, drainage, power as well as the atmosphere of the site. Roof gardens need the advice of a structural engineer. We can arrange this.

design brief

wrightgardens starts with a designing briefing session with you. This is your chance to put a personal stamp on your garden. Collect magazine cuttings and photographs to show us. A detailed questionnaire will be sent to you to help you think through all the elements involved in the design including materials, styles, colours, atmospheres and functions that the garden will perform. If you have a budget in mind this is the time to talk it through with the designer. We will be able to advise whether goals are achievable. 5-10% of your property value for the overall project is a starting point.

design layout
Quotation provided

wrightgardens then produces a design layout adhering to all your requests. This is a professional document drawn to scale and includes information for the contractor about exact materials enabling them to build the garden to strict requirements.

Sometimes more detail is needed in which case construction drawings, lighting, irrigation and water feature plans will have to be drawn up separately.

planting plans
Quotation provided

If large areas of planting, sourcing of plants and preparation work are required then a separate planting plan is drawn up. This addresses the planting solutions to achieve your overall style and looks at horticultural needs of each plant being considered to suit the site. This usually costs about 80% of the design layout drawing cost.

contractors quotations
Quotation provided

wrightgardens can collate hard landscaping, lighting, irrigation and water feature quotations from specialist sources and present them in an easily comparable form for you to budget from.

project management
Hourly rate based on on-site time

Once the design is agreed and contractors appointed wrightgardens provides scheduling, site management, quality control while the build goes ahead. This give you peace of mind that your property is being managed while you are out during the day and that the work will the finished on schedule and within budget. It also provides you with a professional eye to correct any quality control problems.

Daily rate

Once the structure of the garden has been built the planting can be ordered, delivered and worked in. Soil preparation may be necessary at this stage, and a few days of planting finishes off your dream garden.

other services
Year round maintenance
Daily rate

A 6 weekly maintenance programme can be booked for your new or old garden

Maintenance programme
Fixed price dependent on garden

A report can be commissioned to timetable all maintenance work you will need to carry out in your garden. A month by month calendar of jobs in the garden will attend to the plants

Hourly rate

Wrightgardens can provide advice on individual plants, purchase plants on your behalf and be booked for a walkabout in your garden to suggest improvements on layout and planting styles.

Property development planting
Fixed price dependent on garden

Property developers can use wrightgardens to plant up and landscape large areas of newly developed estates or finish small back gardens to a tight budget ready for viewing appointments.

Plant ordering
Daily rate

This is the key to a flourishing garden and needs to be attended to yearly. You can book wrightgardens to maintain your soil nutrition, structure and drainage on a yearly basis, and move plants which do not suit their sites.

Maintenance sheet
Fixed price £150

Save yourself worry about your new or old garden and get full instruction on how to care for individual plants and the garden as a whole. Update your diary with the jobs or provide this as a present to the one who does the work in the garden.

Plant list
Fixed price £150

If you don’t want a full planting plan for your garden wrightgardens can provide a detailed plant list of suitable plants for your garden aspect, soil type and style.

contact us for a quote

book in a site survey by contacting:

· Louise Wright, designer

· by phone 07971 599665

· by email